Bazm-e-Mubahisa – 1st Ever Debate Competition

Bazm-e-Mubahisa – 1st Ever Debate Competition

Bazm – E – Mubahisa hosted in UBIT, August 18th, was the first official Urdu debate competition marking the history of DCS-KU UBIT. The event followed general debating style in which one speaker spoke in the proposition and the other in opposition of the topic. The competition was focused on the current situation of Pakistan featuring the Resolution “Is Aewan Ki Raye Mai Pakistan Mai Amriyet Behtreen Nizam- E –Huqomat Hai”.

The ball rolled and first speech was in “Muwafiqat” (proposition), strong points were raised. As the hall was absorbing the favor, the next speaker who spoke in “Mukhalfat” (opposition) changed their perspective. About 16 students participated and kept the dilemma alive and it was astounding to see university students talking like professional speakers and constructing arguments, it represented how free their minds were.


The team worked with professionalism keeping all the high and low details to the norm. The guest judges Raheel Akhtar and Inshal Javed couldn’t help but share their opinion and expertise to the party. Quaid-e-Aewan Hadi Ali and Quaid-e-Hazb-e-Ikhtelaf Mohammad Ateeb gave aspiring speeches whilst leading their “Daleel”.

First position was bagged by Syeda Naveen Zehra team Muwafaqat, second by Bakhtawar Jabeen team Mukhalifat followed by Hasnain Ahmed Khan team Mukhalifat as third.

Although most of the votes were against this resolution but Naveen’s dalail were enough to provoke in Muwafaqat and resolution was passed successfully and the headline “Dalail Se Qail Karo” hence proved!

The debates were outstanding, the event was well organized, management was up to the mark, the audience was alive and the points raised were impressive.

Sheikh Muzammil Mansoor – The President, and S.M Hamza – The Vice President and their student fraternity CRUSADES kept their promise of rejuvenating and mettle. The event was covered by UMS (UBIT Media Society).

The sponsors of the event TX-Ture and UMS (UBIT Media Society) are the students of UBIT. The beauty of the event was that it was total UBIT doses even the sponsors were UBIT-ians considering the fact that it was an Intra Level Competition.  Let us hope we see more platforms like these from CRUSADES in future.


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    There should be more stuff like this. Great work CRUSADES.

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