UBIT Multimedia Society

UBIT Multimedia Society

The objective of UBIT Multimedia Society (UMS) is to make a media center for our very own department (Department of computer science, University of Karachi). It will be more like a platform where students may show case and share their talent. The core purpose of this society is to overcome the photography and media coverage issue we face in intra and inter department events.

Purpose Behind Making This Society

  • Being a photographer, I have observed several issues but the one I personally consider to be the crucial of all is we lack in photography and media coverage in all areas let it be seminars, workshops or any other constructive activity that takes place in department premises. We aren’t showcasing our department activities like other universities and having a professional edge over these universities we need to change things to highlight our expertise to receive more local recognition.
  • Another problem that worth to be highlighted is that like other universities we don’t have any proper platform to showcase our hidden talent, like photography, designing, programming, media and other skills.
  • We have plans ready to be executed through this society that will polish students’ photography, designing, graphics and event management skills.
  • To have a society like this our teachers or the mentors who will be conducting the seminars, workshops or any other activity will not have to contact any individual from outside to cover their events because the society will take care of everything from head to toe. They just have to contact the UMS, and the team from this society will do the rest of it.

Our Request

Being a final year student I want to do something grand for department before my departure. People UBIT is not just only my department, but it’s our department, and we all will have to work together make it happen and make it grand. I hope that you all will respond to this optimistically.

Thank you.

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  1. Hassan Shakeel

    Thank you #seniors..

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